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We are typically hired to handle the legal aspects of a real estate transaction or litigate real estate-related cases. We can provide vital assistance during real estate transactions, whether a property is being bought, sold, rented, or leased. We can help evaluate any offers that the seller makes, or that the buyer receives, in order to ensure that the parties’ interests are properly protected, and that everyone’s responsibilities in the transaction are clearly defined and followed. Here is a list of legal areas we can help our clients navigate:

Commercial Real Estate Leasing

We represent landlords and tenants on a wide variety of commercial agreements encompassing office, retail, and warehouse facilities. With an acute understanding of the nuances inherent in commercial leasing, we draft and negotiate lease renewals, amendments, expansions, subleases and assignments, estoppels, subordination and non-disturbance agreements, and terminations. Such agreements can be complex, often involving legal intricacies and negotiations from our professionals to protect the interests of our clients.


We also offer our clients expert counsel by developing leasing forms tailored for our clients’ specific needs and requirements.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

The acquisition and disposition of commercial properties, whether for investment, development, or general business purposes, involves thorough legal, financial, title, and due diligence procedures.  Our specialization in real estate law plays a crucial role in leading our clients through the intricacies of commercial property transactions and spearheading these transactions by drafting and negotiating the necessary agreements and supporting documents. We work closely with our clients, whether as sellers or buyers, to structure agreements that align with our clients’ objectives and help mitigate risks.

Residential Property Purchase and Sale

In residential transactions, we draft and review purchase agreements to ensure the terms protect our clients’ interest and are compliant with relevant laws. With access to California Association of Realtor forms, we simplify the residential real estate experience by drafting the documents our clients need for the purchase or sale of residential property to help circumvent unnecessary realtor commission fees. With a keen eye for detail and by providing tailored legal advice and guidance, we simplify and streamline the process for our clients in the residential real estate market.

General Corporate Formation & Governance

General corporate formation and governance encompass the pivotal legal procedures required to establish and regulate corporate entities effectively. We are well-versed in forming general corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), and partnerships in this multifaceted domain, alongside preparing essential documents such as articles of incorporation or organization, bylaws, operating agreements, resolutions, shareholder agreements, and more. Our experience with meticulous document preparation combined with the interests of our clients results in the efficient formation and effective governance of our clients’ corporate entities.

Real Property Co-Tenancy and Partition Disputes

Successful partition actions demand our strategic approach to divide jointly owned residential or commercial real property among co-owners when they cannot agree on its distribution or sale. This typically occurs in situations where co-owners have conflicting interests or objectives regarding the property. These specific actions require careful legal navigation, including working with court-appointed partition referees, to provide fair outcomes for our clients. With a wealth of experience in litigating along with drafting workouts and settlement agreements, our clients entrust us to execute partition disputes effectively and efficiently on their behalf. 

Easement and Boundary Disputes

Boundary and easement disputes arise regarding the use, maintenance, or ownership of land. These disputes can involve issues such as encroachments, trespassing, or conflicting rights of use or access. With a keen understanding of boundaries and easements, we help create innovative solutions, and draft customized legal documents necessary to delineate our clients’ rights and obligations related to ownership of real estate property.

General Contract Drafting

We are proficient in contracts and can create myriad of different contracts tailored to our clients’ specific needs, covering various aspects such as terms, conditions, rights, and obligations. We provide clients with clarity and protection in their legal agreements, fostering smooth business transactions and relationships.

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